This is a selected CV. For a full copy download the PDF here: Carrillo Arciniega – CV (Dec 2018)

Curriculum Vitae
August 2018


2018—                    Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, California State University, Long Beach

2018—                    Social Sciences Research Network Junior Fellow, University of California, Irvine

2018                         Ph.D.    University of California, Irvine, Anthropology
& Graduate Feminist Emphasis (chair: Bill Maurer)
2014                          M.A.      University of California, Irvine, Anthropology
2011                           B.A.        University of California, Berkeley, Anthropology
2011                           B.A.        University of California, Berkeley, Integrative Biology

2016                          The Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant
2014                          National Science Foundation (GRFP), Honorable Mention
2012/15                    Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, UC Irvine
2012-2017                Social Sciences Merit Fellowship, UC Irvine
2013/15/16              Anthropology Department, Summer Funding Fellowship
2012-2013                Dean of Graduate School Recruitment Fellowship, UC Irvine
2012                          Competitive Edge Scholar Grant, UC Irvine
2011                          Ronald E. McNair Scholarship, UC Berkeley

Peer Reviewed
n.d.         “Correlating Discrimination: Statistics, Representation, and the Making of Corporate Collaboration.” In progress.
2012        “Scientific Validation? How Bioprospecting Laboratory Practices Contribute to the Devaluation of Traditional Medicine.” McNair Undergrad. Research Journal. Vol 19.
2011         “Toxicity of medicinal plants used in traditional medicine in Northern Peru,” with R.W. Bussmann, G. Malca, A. Glenn, D. Sharon, B. Nilsen, B. Parris, D. Dubose, D. Ruiz, J. Saleda, M. Martinez, K. Walker, A. Kuhlman, A. Townesmith. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 137 (1): 121-40.

Web-Based Publications

2018       Starbucks, Racism, and the Anthropological Imagination. Anthropology News website, May 24.

2018        What Can We Do for DREAMers? (with Caitlin Fouratt) Anthropology News website, April 10.
2018        The Spirit of Affirmative Action in Hollywood and Academia. Anthropology News website, March 21.
2018        Diversity Audited (A Short How-To Guide). Anthropology News website, February 6.
2017         Advocating Professionalism or Muting Mental Health Problems? Anthropology News website, November 21.
2017         Beyond the Criminal Discourse in Title IX Procedures. Anthropology News website, October 26.
2017         The Disastrous End for DACA Students and Workers. Anthropology News website, September 25.
2017         Deconstructing the Millennial Classroom. Anthropology News website, August 29.
2017         Racial Projects: Classifying Racial Ambiguity for Equal Employment. Anthropology News website, June 26.
2017         Six Ways Anthropologists Can Challenge White Supremacy. Anthropology News website, March 27.

Papers Presented (Selected)
2018        “Managerial Interventions in Discrimination.” Academics as Consultants. Society for Applied Anthropology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 4 (Organizer).
2018        “Diversity Management and The Gift: The Semiotic and Racializing Processes of Affective Labor.” Department of Anthropology. Duke University, March 30.
2018        “Paying it Forward: The Gift, Debt, and Racial Economies of Solidarity.” Brown Bag Seminar. Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies. UC Irvine, February 7.
2017         “Question Marks: Racial Visions of Classifying and Categorizing in Diversity Management.” Techniques of the Corporation: Anthropological Interventions in Corporate Knowledge-Making. American Anthropology Association, Washington D.C. Dec 1 (Organizer).
2017         “Racial Visions: Uncertainty, Diversity Techniques, and Corporate Relationality.” Techniques of the Corporation, University of Toronto, Canada, May 5.
2016        “Negotiating Trauma After Jim Crow: Diversity Experts’ Profit Strategies in the New Economy.” The Evidence of Trauma. American Anthropology Association, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nov 16 (Chair).
2016        “The Science of Inclusion: Re-Making Diversity within Corporate Social Responsibility.” Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, Canada, April 2.

2018        Academia is Our Workplace. Anthropology Department. Funded by Decade Social Sciences Council. UC Irvine. 28 February. (Designed and Facilitated)
2017         The Essentials for Aspiring Leaders. Texas Diversity and Leadership Conference. National Diversity Council, Houston, TX. 20 April.
2016        Power, Privilege, and Influence. Northern California Diversity and Leadership Conference. National Diversity Council, San Francisco, CA. 7 June.

Linguistic Anthropology, UC Irvine (Summer 2018)
Game of Thrones and Anthropology, UC Irvine (Summer 2016).
Educational Privatization and the Struggle for Free Universities, UC Berkeley (Fall 2011).
General Education K-12, Substitute Teacher, San Lorenzo Unified School District (2011-2012).

Teaching Assistant
People in Society, Upper-division Writing Course, UC Irvine (Online-Winter 2018).
Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology, UC Irvine (Winter 2014; Online-Summer 2017).
Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies, UC Irvine (Spring 2014).

2014 —                    Contract Ethnographer, ROOT Inc. Design and Customer Experience Research
2016 — 2017        Executive Director and Co-Founder, Diversity Research Institute
2016                          Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, IKEA (Spring & Summer)
2013/15                          Graduate Student Researcher, UC Irvine (Spring & Summer 2015, Winter 2013)

Contributing Editor, Anthropology News, Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (2018 —)
Opinion Columnist, Anthropology News, Diversity in the Workplace (2017— )
Reviewer, EPIC2017. Conference Proceedings (2017)
Dean’s Fellowship Advisory Committee (2014 — 2017)

Department of Anthropology, Professional Development Peer Mentor (PDPM) (2014 – 2016)
Department of Anthropology, Graduate Student Representative (2014 – 2015)
UCI Anthropology Undergraduate Committee, Curriculum Analyst (2013)

Course Design Certification, Center for Engaged Instruction, UC Irvine (August 2017)
Certified Diversity Professional. National Diversity Council (November 2015)

Spanish — Native, Fluent in Speech and Writing